St Pancras Station features micro-opera

Women’s international Day will be celebrated at St Pancras Station, London with a series of brand-new, train-themed micro-operas created by teams of female composers and librettists.

Travelers at the Eurostar terminal will hear “Everything you carry” by Georgia Barnes and Olivia Bell and “It’s The Little Things” by Rose Hall and Katie Colombus. These operas explore the monotony of everyday commuting and in turn the point of view of someone waiting an arrival gate.

The series, called Lost and Found, also includes Victoria Bernath and Teresa Howard’s Mini Break, a comic opera about the panic of lost passports and the inevitable bickering that follows, as well as Anna Braithwaite and Priests’ The Hardest Journey, about hidden disabilities.

The event is part of the Europalia Arts Festival, which involves European railway stations including Antwerp, Brussels and Rotterdam central stations.

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